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Tamarillos are a vastly under-rated fruit! They are high in Vitamin C & E, carotene, fibre, iron and antioxidants and add variety and colour to the dull days of winter, when most other fruit is in short supply.

We are totally in love with the beautiful ruby red fruit that brightens our winter days.

Buy tamarillos that are firm and smooth skinned. They will keep 10 days or more if stored in a cool place.


Tamarillos mix well with red meats - try grilled and barbequed tamarillo halves with steak. Add a thick slice or two to a kebab stick. Add small whole tamarillos to a casserole or stir fried meat dish. Tamarillos are a great meat tenderiser.

Pizzas - chopped tamarillos combine well with mushrooms, bacon, ham, olives, pineapple, aubergine, onions and garlic. Add sour cream and off you go! Use tamarillo chutney on the base.
Decorate trifles, pavlovas & salads with rings of gold or red tamarillos.
Substitute tamarillos for the cherries usually found in a Black Forest Gateau.
Macerate tamarillos by covering peeled tamarillos with several spoonfuls of brown sugar. Leave for 5 - 6 hours or overnight covered. They will "stew' in their own juice and taste delicious. You can even add a slurp of liqueur such as Marsala or brandy. Yum!!
Make an awesome sandwich with fresh wholemeal bread, cottage cheese and slices of peeled tamarillo
Add wedges of red & golden tamarillo to a cheeseboard.

Tara Lodge Tamarillo Recipes

Tamarillo Chutney
Delicious with almost everything!
Fresh Tamarillo Salsa
Great with meats, fish or chicken. Try in a homemade burger or on a ploughman's lunch
Tamarillo Tartin
Tartins, or upside down pies, look awesome. The succulent tamarillos on this crispy pastry base taste fabulous.
Tamarillo and Bacon stir-fry
Tamarillo Crumble
Can be microwaved or baked
Red Cabbage Slaw - thanks to my friend Judy!

Tamarillo Upside Down Cake
simply delicious!


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